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storeyed stories

          Would there be a way to build a tower out of found objects? Let these articles be my foundation, and I will pile them like the stacked slabs of stones you see on the shores. Because I have pieces in my hands, some of them were gathered as they were sifted from the earth. I watched people before me shape their stones for me to muster.


        Then, I hand-picked objects from houses that had decaying drawers and dressers because they needed someone to take them before they rot. Everything I borrowed was tendered by the people I passed by.


          I plan to take them to an empty lot where I will arrange everything together. I have gotten used to building fortresses from scattered items and settling on borrowed spaces. Like a potter, I would cast my clay with ashes and would offer my rudiments to create storeys of things I have gathered. I would lay the pieces down to create a blueprint. With my hands, I would build the scaffolding.


          As a child, I was accustomed to borrowing objects. Hand-me-downs, worn-out items, and idle toys. Everything was gathered and given for me to make use of it. I cannot count the times I’ve made houses out of these things. This shouldn’t be difficult for me anymore.


          I am used to knocking on other people’s gates and befriending strangers to lessen the distance.


          I have befriended the waters to meet you in the clouds. And while laying these down, I wonder: How long will it take for us to reach you in the sky?

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