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a room for everyone

Before I started to center this project on my family, I came from a place of wanting to meet with those outside of this close circle. We all experience loss in many ways — it was a good justification as to why I needed to talk to people, or listen to them, at least.


I did attempt do it within a small circle of friends just to test the waters and observe their responses. And they’ve shared intimate anecdotes of their encounters with loss; the loss of a body, space, voice, and touch. It was meaningful for me. I was fascinated with the idea of trust and connection. Having these narratives in me meant that they’ve given a piece of their story for me to keep.


And I thought I'd be prepared to open such a big space in my life. I underestimated myself — my ability to listen and look inside me before I moved to a larger public. Perhaps I wasn’t ready yet.


But I’ve talked so much about my experiences with grief and loss. And maybe I’m ready to listen outside. We can all quest forward, together.


Here, I invite you to submit any anecdote, memento, or artifact that symbolizes your encounter with loss. It will be posted here in this page — in this room — for us to gather.


You may e-mail it to me through (You may also chose to be anonymous.)

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