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how have you been?

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7/24/2020 18:10:36 PHILIPPINES

Year 2020 has been dark for the lives of many and is a mode of survival. Thankfully I'm coping, alive and always will be.

7/24/2020 19:01:25 UK

I've been well

7/25/2020 11:09:07 SINGAPORE

I'm good, surviving, we all are in every way possible. It has been a rollercoaster ride, visualising the idea of shooting in the streets. It's a daily routine, get out there, shoot and survive. I keep telling myself and the people around me: Hey! It's not the end of the world! I shoot photographs and I hope that future generations can learn from them, especially in these mad times. How about you? How has it been for you? Cheers! E.

7/25/2020 12:24:53 USA AND INDIA

It's been a bit lonely and I've been thinking of lost travels (including a past visit to Angkor Wat)...very much excited to see these efforts to keep connecting and creating!

7/25/2020 16:53:16 PORTUGAL

Slowly going back to work after covid! Looking forward to the festival :)

7/25/2020 19:20:20 INDIA

Ive been doing well, trying to cope with the situation in a positive manner and seeking to showcase my designs and talents in every field and opportunity :) Thank You

7/26/2020 22:56:20 INDIA

I am alive. That makes me happy. I am thankful.

7/27/2020 22:19:25 INDIA

I am fine. Thanks for asking. Hope you are healthy and safe!

7/28/2020 15:37:11 INDIA

Where am I ? I am invisible... Am I not ? Physical manifestation of "I" is visible. But that's not me... "I" am me... Whatever is physical is just the universal dust floating in this vast ocean of nothingness... "I" give meaning to that nothingness... "I" live in a "Home". "I" reflects on everything eyes capture... This tiny blue planet is home. This body is home... And a place where bonds are created, loves and care are shared is a home... The very question 'what is "Home" ?' comes up, comes up the question who am "I" with the existential metaphors. And what gives meaning to life in this nothingness is memories... Tons and tons memories, of people, of places ... The information, visual, audio and every single things that our senses perceive... Sometimes more than that which no senses can ever perceive... Those feelings of being which beyond any senses "I" try to perceive ... With my possible capabilities ...



7/28/2020 16:10:49 INDIA

I am feeling not so okay. These last 4 months have been hard, all cooped up inside. Home has never felt this far and everything feels to be on shaky grounds. Whatever I have know about myself feels little and somehow the old way of being is not working out so I am applying a new strategy in order to do create work that could communicate what I am feeling.

7/28/2020 16:34:20 INDIA

I am good, keeping patience for the situation to be under control. Hope the crisis ends soon.

7/29/2020 2:10:40 INDIA

I have never resisted my inclination of appreciating the grey areas because that is where our existence lies. I have been in a dilemma for a long time. It has been tough. But it has never been disheartening. The fact that a dilemma exists in me is a positive essence of my 'being'. The word 'politics' has narrowed down to a very slim measure. As I look around, I find politics everywhere. Every inch of existence in this vast cosmos depends on politics of relationship. That drives a dynamic relationship between all of us and that is how we have survived for so long. We have been through a number of trying times, yet their cause and effect have always led to progress and that is the polity of existence. This is something every domain of profession must realise (humanities and arts more urgently) and propagate as far as possible. This initiative of yours is a part of a similar struggle - the struggle to be progressive, to be in polity, to be together - to exist. We have 'been' and that is how it has always been.

7/29/2020 11:46:04 INDIA

I am really good. I am enjoying isolation at home actually.

7/29/2020 13:55:40 INDIA

It's been good and I am also feeling good. I am excited to get back to studies and hope that this pandemic ends soon. Peace! :)

7/29/2020 14:57:24 INDIA

Quite a question and an ending to a form I must say. It's been good and quite revolutionary, living in a time of pandemic very intrigued by the changes to come.

7/29/2020 15:35:40 INDIA

All good.

7/29/2020 20:32:13 INDIA

Thanks for asking. Overall I am good. One of the biggest problems I am facing is I am stuck at my hometown and My studio (Chennai) and workplace is 250 miles from here. I came home to meet my parents when the lockdown happened and after that there is no transportation back so I have been making art with whatever supplies I bought with me and whatever is available here locally. The main issue is the lack of space for making messy work and experimenting. In a way I like this though its like getting myself out of my comfort zone and that is letting me explore many new things. I have started making some soft sculptures with locally available fabric and foams. One of the biggest challenges is adapting to this way of life and as of now I am in the middle of that process. r.

7/29/2020 21:10:27 INDIA

To review the present and the past with a filter suddenly seems ridiculous. What use does it serve? Life doesn't have to be a feedback loop, does it? Why should it matter? It shouldn't, we have the present, why waste time critiquing it?

7/30/2020 14:56:51 INDIA 

Been great thank you :)

7/30/2020 16:55:31 INDIA

Its been a tough ride but I'm glad I found what I like doing the most.

7/30/2020 21:12:14 INDIA

Good, hope to hear back from you

7/30/2020 21:37:58 INDIA

alive, not bad

7/31/2020 1:36:46 INDIA

If you told me to dance this out, I'd probably be able to express myself more aptly. Today was my first class in a workshop on Indian Poetics with Navtej Singh Johar who also taught me somatics and performance at Ashoka University. I have been working with him ever since and today in class, after we spoke so poetically and eloquently about Rasa Theory, Indian Philosophy, Yoga, he told us to take a cup. I quickly, drank the rest of my coffee and kept it on the table in front of me. i looked into the cup. At first and quite immediately, without even looking at the form and structure of the cup, or making it an intellectual engagement, my eyes noticed, small shiny droplets of light on the surface of the leftover coffee. My eyes looking not at it, but into it. There was nuance and depth of looking not AT a thing, but INTO it. I was so surprised by what was happening to me, I immediately cried, a tear started to trickle down my face and I released a deep and pleasurable sigh. That tear slowly fell right into the cup. My tear, this tiny drop, fell into what felt like this deep and vast ocean. I know all this sounds crazy! I'm sorry. But it's true, I really did feel like that. I felt like I had touched an ocean with my tear. That tear touching this empty glass of nothing that I looked into, brought out an emotional response from me,...and more and more tears dropped down into the cup. My cup was made of tears and mucus dripping down my nose. My head went closer and closer into the cup. Slowly that drop of light vanished into the remaining coffee. I was left overwhelmed by this sudden experience. It turned my day around. I don't even know why I am putting this down here! But thank you for reading. Please forgive my lack of punctuation and my use of language- I am writing as it happens.

7/31/2020 6:02:57 MEXICO

Managing the changes, trying to go steady, but overall, pretty good, thanks (:

7/31/2020 12:24:52 PHILIPPINES

I'm pretty much okay!

7/31/2020 15:08:37 INDIA

Busy and creative

7/31/2020 23:01:37 INDIA

I am perfectly fine and I am very glad to participate in the photo festival. Hope that the festival is a grand success and all the very best to the entire team.

8/1/2020 0:39:36 PAKISTAN

I have been pretty good lately. The work is tough. COVID-19 has messed up but I am trying to get back on feet.

8/1/2020 2:41:22 ITALY 

I have been taking pictures, and it's been really rewarding, thank you. I hope it will be as nice for you to look at them :-) Let me know if you liked my reportage project, ciao.

8/1/2020 22:12:46 MEXICO

Hello, I am well, thank you very much. I wish you do too. In the daily struggle to adapt to the new normality that we live in the world. Trying to get ahead in the face of everyday adversities and focus on positive things. Trying not to lose faith, hope. Converting emotions and feelings into creativity-art, projecting, dreaming, innovating every day. Art is my great spiritual food, my passion and my reason for existing. Without a doubt being an artist is a blessing.

8/3/2020 18:00:25 NETHERLANDS & GERMANY


8/4/2020 23:45:01 INDIA

Thank you for asking. I can't really answer how I have been since I have been through a lot of different emotions all at once. Each time I read a book in this lock-down, I came out a different person in the end. Each time I worried about the online business I am working hard to set up, I have felt differently. I felt differently when I assembled my images and readied them for submission, and now that I hand it over, I feel different. So the only answer to "how have you been" can perhaps be "I have been changing". "It" has been kind. I have a roof over my head and food on my plate. I make no exaggeration when I say that over the pandemic and after the devastating cyclone, a lot many people in my extended neighbourhood and state have had it much worse. So I don't complain about how "it" has been. "It" has been kind.

8/5/2020 18:59:04 BANGLADESH

I'm doing well. Due to the pandemic, things have changed and everything became so uncertain. Struggling to adjust with such uncertainty.

8/5/2020 19:59:54 FRANCE

It's hard on the mind to not work on my personal projects lately, but I cannot complain as I am quite healthy at the moment :).

8/7/2020 22:16:18 PHILIPPINES

I'm doing really well. Surviving

8/8/2020 11:54:47 PHILIPPINES

One of my friend also asked me the same thing and a said i'm okay but we both know we're not but today i'm gonna say that i'm not fine at all. When are we going to stop saying okay even if we're not? when are we supposed to know when to stop pretending? those were my thoughts sometimes. i feel empty every now and then but if i let those emotion win over me i know it's not going to end well so i keep myself busy. I just wanted to say thank you for this project i get to say what i wanted!

8/8/2020 16:14:46 INDIA


8/9/2020 1:17:25 INDIA

once the normal is abnormal now, it's like staring a new game and feels absurd to be alone.


8/9/2020 11:30:50 INDONESIA

Since lot of abundant time that is Coronavirus began in April 2020, I have more time to open and digging into garage/junk storage of my mother, which I found many family album that is buried in a dusty ashes, its’ take many weeks for me to collect and bring it to my mother, and (unconsciously) my mother become stuck with this stock of photo, and she is experiencing lot of ‘punctum moment’ which is Roland Barthes said as : ‘a field of unexpected flash which sometimes crosses’, when my mother concentrate and desiring to the photo of his past-time within his contemporary time, or what Barthes called as ‘vertigo of time defeated’ / ‘after the fact’ or what Heidegger said as ‘angst’. The body of my mother it’s dynamically changing everytime the photo is changing, the gestural story what she try to remember its unintentional / outside the photo structure, what is make my mother’s body move it's the unnecessary detail image, the melancholic and the subjective moment of photo.

8/9/2020 18:11:58 PHILIPPINES

It's so hard to think and create these days. I'm happy this came to be. I also miss someone right now, but there's nothing I can do about it anymore. Again, thanks for this.

8/10/2020 22:03:20 INDIA

I'm doing good, but it has been a little hard for me to stay home and not shoot. So I do work on constructed images or read about new photo projects. I recently got married and haven't gotten much time for myself, so sending my project for Angkor Photo Festival did boost my spirit. I hope you guys are well and safe.

8/11/2020 19:22:27 FINLAND

I'm doing good and really excited to submit my work to you guys!

8/11/2020 21:49:24 INDIA

Feels like a rollercoaster. Some days are good, on others you feel like burying yourself under a blanket. There are good days and then there are bad days. For now, it has been okay. Hopefully some stability will arise in the next few months. Thanks for asking :)

8/11/2020 23:10:57 INDONESIA

i'm good and i hope i could participate my works at angkor photo festival 2020. Thank you.

8/13/2020 19:56:47 THAILAND

Everything is fine, besides having great concern about what future Thailand will have.

8/13/2020 20:33:20 MOROCCO

so great

8/14/2020 11:24:13 GERMANY/FRANCE/VIETNAM

Lonely, in some way it has been refreshing, however who knows what the future holds.

8/14/2020 13:52:51 INDIA

Well, in the context of pandemic and compared to the horrifying situation of my country and my city (Kolkata) especially, it seems that I am doing fine as of now. Moreover, the current pandemic showed us not only the shortcomings that we must work on, but also a few positive things that we have learned and adopted. All these made me stay stronger and continue my work in a new perspective.

8/16/2020 7:10:46 SENEGAL

It was a bit complicated because I could not find my sugar for the coffee but finally I drank coffee without sugar when submitting my file.


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